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Business Telephone Systems

We provide the very latest telecommunications products at competitive prices, installed and maintained by our own in-house team of highly trained and experienced engineers.

Our telephone system range includes:

Horizon Hosted Cloud Telephone systems

 a telephone made of clouds in the sky

These are Cloud based with the main control equipment residing in a remote Data Centre and handsets are all connected directly to the Internet via the Internal LAN.

Cloud systems offer instant access to all the very latest facilities for a very low entry price enabling from a single user to 100's of users' access to previously prohibitively expensive features such as call recording, home-working, branch office networking, mobile-apps for users' on-the-road, call stats, PC integration, Call Centre working, and much more, and once installed your system is continually updated providing the ultimate in longevity.

The Horizon phone system comes with free handsets, free life-time software upgrades, inclusive free calls to standard UK landline and mobile numbers and all with no on-going maintenance costs.

Telephone line connectivity is provided using Broadband or a Leased Line.

Panasonic Office-based Telephone systems

These system use premises based equipment whereby the telephone system control unit is typically installed in your local office data cabinet and the handsets are all directly connected back to the equipment via Cat 5/6 structured cabling.  We also provide installation and maintenance cover for all older legacy Panasonic telephone systems.
An on-premises (rather then Cloud) set-up is often more practical and cost-effective for larger organisations or any situiation where there are far more handsets connected than external telephone lines or in larger buildings where long-range cordless telephone coverage is needed. A typical example would be a medium sized school where handsets are needed in 30+ classrooms and locations for security purposes but only 2 telephone lines are required for the small amount of calls they make in which case paying monthly rental for 2 phone lines makes more sense than renting 30 handsets.
Standard telephone lines used are SIP Trunks connected via Broadband or a Leased Line, and these are VoIP based phone lines replacing ISDN, albeit Panasonic systems can also connect to analogue and ISDN lines if required.

VoIP connectivity

Our preferred method of connectivity for all VoIP services is using a specialist Gamma Converged Voice & Data Broadband or Leased Line service which has a small amount of required bandwidth permanently segregated off for telephony use-only, to ensure high quality speech at all times regardless of how much data is being downloaded and with the rest of the bandwidth available for general Internet use.

Our Telecoms products and services include:

Telephone System equipment & installation

Telecoms Software Applications

Telephone System Maintenance

On-line Telecoms Shop

Telephone Lines

Low-Cost telephone Calls

Cabling Installations