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Telephone System Maintenance

It's very frustrating when things don't work, not to mention the potential loss of business which can be very serious. That's why thousands of businesses choose us to look after their Telecoms and Data equipment and services. From underground and overhead cabling faults to complex hardware, software, Internet and email problems, we have it covered.

For telephone systems we offer a choice of full on-site parts and labour inclusive maintenance contracts or one-off pay-as-you-go maintenance visits.

Every new telephone system we install comes with 1st years on-site on-site parts and labour cover and in 2nd and subsequent years you can either continue with the contract by paying a monthly or one-off annual charge or opt to pay for parts and labour on a one-off call-out basis should you require a maintenance visit.

Our Maintenance contracts cover all proprietary system parts, so Panasonic handsets, circuit boards, control units etc but do not cover 3rd part ancillary equipment such as Fax machines, standard DECT cordless phones and other basic handsets and parts.

Cloud-based Horizon Hosted Telephony equipment is covered for remote support only on an on-going basis as part of the monthly service charges and the handsets, switch and Router are covered by a 1 year warranty. On-site visits are not normally necessary as the switching equipment is housed in the Telephone Exchange.

If you rent your lines from us then we will also cover on-site fault finding on telephone lines as well as the phone system. If we diagnose the fault to be out to line in the external BT Openreach Public Telephony Network then we will organise for an Openreach engineer to visit site and will work with them to remedy the problem. If an Openreach engineer subsequently proves the fault to be within our internal equipment after-all then we will cover the cost of the Openreach visit but we don't cover the cost for aborted visits if the Openreach engineer is unable to gain access to premises where the pre-arrange visit time-slot was previously agreed with the end-user.