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Choosing The Right Phone System

Phone Systems from Horizon Telecom

We can advise you of the Telephone System that best suits both your current and future needs and provide a quotation for the various options available and costs thereof.

To decide whether an Office-based or Cloud-based system is most suitable for your particular situation and requirements here are a few points to consider;

Advantages of Cloud Systems;

Advantages of Office Systems;

To provide our recommendations and a quotation all we need is an overview in layman's' terms of how many lines and handsets you need and what you need the system to do and we can work out the rest.

Some facilities that may be of interest are;

Auto-Attendant to give callers 1 digit departmental dialling options (available on any type of system)

Voicemail boxes for general Company out-of-hours message along with individual and/or departmental messages (available on any type of system)

Voicemail-to-email to receive, store and play back voicemail messages on your PC (not available on analogue systems)

Bespoke Company Message recorded by the Voice-over Artists of your choice for professional sounding Message-on-hold (available on any type of system)

Direct Dialling In (DDI) numbers enable incoming calls to bypass Reception and ring direct to individuals desks or  groups of phones (requires ISDN lines - not available on analogue systems)

External transfer facility allows eg an incoming call to the office to be transferred back out to any external number (requires ISDN lines - not available on analogue systems)

Call Recording can be in the form of manual record by pressing a button on your phone or record all calls (optional extra add-on for some systems, in-built on others)

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for dialling by point-and-click of the mouse on a database contact which then activates your telephone loudspeaker and dials the number along with screen popping customer records on incoming calls (not available on analogue systems)

Remote Home-workers can be linked into the telephone system using the same handsets and system facilities as if they were in the office (requires IP enabled system)

Hunt Group Log-in/Log-out facility enables you to control how many incoming calls can get through at different times of day before the next caller is given either busy-tone, voicemail or courtesy queuing messages allowing you to manage incoming call traffic at busy times or low staffing levels etc. (requires ISDN lines/commonly used in Doctors Surgeries)

VoIP Networking enables branch offices and remote-workers to all share the same telephone system regardless of Geographical Location (requires IP enabled system)

Number Portability means taking an existing telephone number from one Telephone Exchange area to another (requires either a Hosted Cloud based system or a phone system that can support VoIP SIP Trunks)