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Backup Pro Cloud Service

Cloud Backup Pro provides fully automated, secure off-site storage and rapid recovery of critical business data. This page describes the full functionality of our Cloud Backup Pro service.

The Data Protection Problem

Effective data recovery is only possible if reliable and well-managed backups are performed regularly.  Many backup procedures rely on human involvement to ensure that they take place and companies assign these manual tasks to the IT department. Unfortunately, monitoring and managing a manual backup process is a tedious and time-consuming task and is easily forgotten.

All Your Data, Automatically, Every Day

Cloud Backup Pro is a secure and automated, online, disk-to-disk, backup and recovery service that is network efficient, centrally managed and simple to use. Fully customizable and seamlessly scalable; it supports a wide range of operating systems and applications running on servers, desktops, laptops and tablets. It completely replaces backup media, meaning there are no more tapes to  purchase, change, transport, catalogue and store. By eliminating the costs and data loss risks inherent in manual backup procedures, it enables IT staff to focus on more strategic business initiatives.

Cloud Backup Pro Backup Efficiency

Forever incremental backups ensure minimal data transfer by identifying and sending only changed data. With the use of byte or block-level patching techniques together with compression and client side deduplication, Cloud Backup Pro ensures extremely high levels of efficiency. Disruptions in the backup process can be resumed from the last byte sent, eliminating the need to re-transmit files that were partially transferred. New features including streaming backup, significantly reduce local disk usage, to as little as 0.01% of the data selected for backup. Working in parallel with multi-threading backup options, this ensures the speed of your backup is improved whilst minimizing the impact on local disk.

Assured Off-Site Critical Data Protection

With our Data Centre Partner Redstor, your data is protected every step of the way.  Data is encrypted, at source, using 256-bit AES (GCM) encryption and further protected using TLS ciphers during backup communication. Encryption keys are unique to every backup client and are chosen by the customer. Data cannot be read without the encryption key and at no point are these encryption keys available to Redstor.


Cloud Backup Pro Management Console

The central management console provides visibility, control and ultimately peace of mind that your data is being protected. The management console addresses the challenges of provisioning, monitoring, maintaining and reporting on backup and recovery through a single interface, decreasing management overhead and reducing the costs attributed to backup.


Data Restoration

Data can be restored from the backup client, management console, through web access or via “InstantData.” In the event of a catastrophic failure, your data can also be physically transported to you via a removable storage device.


InstantData has the ability to instantly present backed up data on a virtual drive that appears locally on the machine where the restore is required. The presented drive has full read-write ability, allowing users to mount data to applications within a matter of minutes. Requested data blocks are fetched from the backup server on demand, and any data written to the application is written to a temporary local file (the original backup is not modified in any way). The live data or database can subsequently be migrated to a different machine as time allows.  Almost no disk space is required (only to store writes temporarily until the virtual drive has been unmounted). While InstantData is very useful for DR scenarios, it also makes normal restores as easy as browsing a local file system to ‘drag and drop’ any required files and folders.

Item Level Recovery

Remove the operational headaches associated with performing item level restores in Exchange, SQL and SharePoint. Redstor Cloud Backup Pro removes the need to run legacy systems or recovery databases by enabling “drag-and-drop” item level restores through an intuitive user interface.

Intelligent File Inclusion and Exclusion

Cloud Backup Pro enables the administrator to control which files and folders are backed up and restored using a range of selection tools. These include filters and profiling features that simplify and speed up the inclusion and exclusion process significantly.

Enterprise Reporting

Cloud Backup Pro features “The Enterprise Report Server”. Backup information is collected in a centralised database which can be accessed from the Cloud Backup Pro console. An extensive number of predefined report templates can be accessed and scheduled to automatically email single or multiple recipients. Additionally, we can provide customised reporting for specific needs should they be required.

Long Term Retention

Data can be retained long term in order to comply with legal requirements. Copies can be retained for customisable periods up to and over 7 years.

Best in Class, UK-based Data Centres

Redstor is a UK owned and UK headquartered cloud service provider with highly secure UK-based data centres. Users of the Cloud Backup Pro service have confidence that their data will never be stored outside of the UK, unless desired. Redstor’s data centre facilities feature comprehensive physical security, UPS, emergency backup generators, and fire protection systems. Further details can be provided if required.

Enterprise-Wide Backup and Restore Solution

Backup support exists for: Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris platforms. Database agents are available for online backups, with support for open/locked files using MS Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), including a VSS Database plug-in for VSS enabled applications.



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